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Anna Welch Prost

Anna serves an integral role in winemaking with a primary focus on A to Z white and rosé wines. Following her degree in Horticulture from Cal Poly, Anna studied at Lincoln University in New Zealand and later also completed the Chemeketa Winemaking program. She worked at Chappellet and Cardinale wineries in California, Delegats Wine Estates in New Zealand, and Vasse Felix Winery in Asutralia before coming to A to Z for the 2009 harvest. After harvest, she continued on as Lab Technician, then Lab Manager, Enologist, and Assistant Winemaker before becoming Associate Winemaker. Thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and tenacious, Anna is a valued and committed member of A to Z Wineworks and REX HILL Winery. 

"We have been fortunate to have several women leaders at A to Z that have blazed trails for me and my colleagues. I feel that the path ahead is already smoothed and now is our chance to build momentum. I’ve observed how those women set the stage, the tone of a room, and how they’ve led the business with intention and intuition. Some mantras I often refer to are:

Listen intently to others and listen intently to your own intuition. Learn to navigate with strength and be appropriately loud when needed. Be brave enough to ask the question!"

A to Z Winemaking with Anna

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