Full Immersive Artistic Experience

Along with environmental and wellness initiatives, A to Z Wineworks supports literacy and the arts. The liberal arts can enrich lives and expand vision through engagement with diverse, thoughtful perspectives that help us grow as human beings. The winery’s art residency program offers an immersion within a dynamic setting far from an artist’s usual surroundings and obligations. The time and space afforded after the initial harvest enables an artist to reflect and expand their work in a fascinating new environment. They might produce an individual project, a body of work in response to the winery, or continue developing their course of study and exploration.


The winery benefits from the presence and participation of the artist in residence who brings new ideas and fresh inspiration as well as artwork for the campus. The community benefits when the artist in residence presents talks, demonstrations, experiential opportunities, and exhibits of their art. In the tasting room, selections are chosen to reward attention mirroring the wine tasting experience. An initial response to the color, clarity, and feel of a work can deepen upon reflection and perhaps even leave a lingering impression after departure.

Hadley Artist in Residence painting

Meet the Artists